Meet Tina Gunn Weede, President & CEO, Peerless Performance, Member of SITE since 2009

This article was published May 1, 2019 by SITE www.siteglobal.com After completing her formal education at The Art Institute in Atlanta, studying art marketing and advertising, Tina Gunn Weede went to work for advertising giant J. Walter Thompson in thier recruitment advertising division, where she worked for two years. She started her journey in the […]

Our Digital Lives Don’t Need to Make Us Unhappy, Unhealthy, and Unwise

by Carrie Barron,Nicco Mele, Michael Phillips Moskowitz Fifty five years ago this month, America reached a hazardous milestone: “peak tobacco.” Men and women that year smoked more cigarettes than ever before recorded—523 billion of them. Only after four decades of slow decline – and millions of smoking-related deaths – did American culture reluctantly jettison tobacco as […]